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Things to do in Las Vegas 


  • Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, and New York-New York.

  • Ride the Manhattan Express at New-York New-York.

  • The Stratosphere has a lot of fun stuff to do in the top, you can see the whole city from there.

  • Blue Man Group at the Luxor

  • Indoor sky diving at Fly-a-way 200 Convention Center Drive (877) 545-8093 $50 and up

  • Shoot a machine gun at The Gun Store 2900 E Tropicana Ave 9am–6:30pm 7 days. (702) 454-1110 $25–$40 Photo ID required.

  • Learn to handle any firearm like a pro at Front Sight

  • Gamble at the various casino's.


Be advised that it is state law that all gamblers must be 21 years of age. If you are under age and found gambling or loitering in a gaming area, hotel staff will ask you to leave, and could ask the metro police to issue you a citation. There is a curfew for anyone under the age of 18 and metro police are comfortable transporting violators to a juvenile centre.

If you are going to gamble in Las Vegas, it would behove you to learn and study the games before you arrive. One reason to gamble -- aside from the hope of winning money -- is that, by doing so, you could receive complimentary ("comp") rooms, meals, and even airfare depending on your play. Most casinos issue free "player cards." It is generally to your advantage to show or insert your player card every time you play a table game or slot machine. At the end of your trip, you can ask the hotel if you are eligible for any comps, you might be pleasantly surprised. Always play the games with the lowest house advantage, such as craps (dice) with full odds, and blackjack (if you are a skilled player). Bets which have the highest house advantage include slot machines, roulette, and some craps bets (hardways and propositions).

In the 90's many casinos took their Poker rooms out and replaced them with slot machines, recently Poker has made a comeback and more and more casinos offer it. Texas Hold'em can be found at almost all Las Vegas poker rooms along with 3-card stud, Omaha and others. Not all casinos have a poker room, so call the casino or ask a gaming floor attendant. Casinos with poker rooms include:

  • Wynn

  • Bellagio

  • The Palms

  • Mandalay Bay (Non-smoking room)

  • MGM Grand


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